"An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest"

- Benjamin Franklin

In conventional fund investment and wealth management, brokers and fund managers take direct control of the investment process. Investors do not have the freedom to manage and understand their investment portfolios. Without transparency, the management and brokerage fees only ensure that the manager's profit. The interests and yields of the investors are often overlooked in the process. 


At Rockport Development, our service model is based on the idea of partnership. You are treated as more than just a valued client, but a partner. We invest, venture, and profit together as a collaborative team.


Furthermore, since the investors are also our partners in the projects, they benefit from our bank leverage, industry track, and business credit. Since our goal is to optimize funds efficiency under manageable risk, we base our business model on the idea of "total interest alignment." We provide you with a simple, fair, and lucrative way to conduct business.


We present different development opportunities through our professional analysis and market studies. Our investors will be able to make informed choices throughout the investment process. By taking advantage of our project management platform, investors can monitor development progress and communicate directly with our project management team. Whether it is property acquisition to entitlement, architectural design to obtaining permits, or construction progress to sales management, wee keep our investors in the loop every step of the way.